Thursday, February 24, 2011

hello, hello!

I had started this post before the last conversation heart cookie post, and obviously never got around to finishing I'm doing it now, as I sit here with the rest of the afternoon to myself (because I have to work on Saturday), watching snowflakes fall outside, goldfinches peck away at a thistle feeder hanging by the window, other little chickadees at another feeder hanging in the middle of the yard, and over 20 quail cackling to each other. Yes, I have much more important things to be working on, but that stuff is for the birds.

I haven't forgotten about this little space.
There just hasn't been a whole lot to blog about lately.
I've been trying really hard to get projects I've been working on wrapped up before I start new ones.

Projects like...finally getting all my recipes in some type of manageable order, a huge project for me - hooray! (thank you delicious and a few binders & lots of plastic sleeves.) Next is all the other magazine clippings and eye candy & ideas all over the interwebs (enter pinterest, and more binders & plastic sleeves - I've got a system, and I'm loving it.)

Tackling the bedroom is the next big project...we need to install new closet doors, roll some paint, hang some curtains & sew a QUILT!

I started cutting squares a few weeks ago, and haven't made any more progress besides getting the rest of the fabric cut, I think I ended up with something like 18 patterns. Now I need to get my machine out and sew sew sew!

There has been lots of talk around here about cabinets & counter tops & a tile backsplash & a sink & refrigerator (delivered a couple weeks ago!) & other fun things that come along with "redoing" a kitchen.

Can. Not. Wait. for the bedroom & kitchen to be complete (probably no where in the near future, but I can see the light).

And of course, spring is on it's way...and there is a list of things to get done in the yard as well (it never ends, but I have to say I like the yard work the best).

Ooh, and one other potentially big project we've been talking a lot about is shooting weddings...?
I don't know how many we've attended over the past couple years, (10+, seriously) but the way we look at it is practice for someday when we are the hired photographer.
Eeek, it's someone's big day and we are the professionals and it'skindofalotofpressure and weneedtoinvestinsomemoreequipment but ohmygosh,itwouldbesofun!
"Fusion" videos are kind of a big thing in the wedding photography world, so I used Aaron & Shanon's wedding we went to in January as practice (plus I just wanted to make something really special for them).

I'm kinda digging this video-making thing.
This past long Presidents Day weekend, we took a few extra days off and went to Island Park, Idaho for our annual snowmobiling trip (and had a blast!) As soon as I get through editing all the pictures from the trip, I was going to put another video together (another project, ha!) I'll post it when I'm done....which may be in July!

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