Sunday, November 21, 2010

apple pecan sticky buns & some yard work

[So, I started this post back on November 7th, didn't finish, forgot about it, and somehow two weeks managed to slip by...eek!]

Yesterday morning (ahem, like fifteen mornings ago), I woke up early and couldn't get back to sleep. I tossed and turned, and thought about the next morning being daylight savings time...and whhhy can't I ever sleep in, just once?!

I did what any normal person would do whose husband jokingly reminded her the night before that it was the first time in several weeks that there wasn't any type of home baked dessert in the house...I got out of bed, and headed for the kitchen. I opened a packet of yeast, mixed it with some warm water and flour, and let it sit and rise for a while.

I rolled it out, sprinkled it with cinnamon & sugar, chopped up some pecans & an apple, made a caramely sauce to pour all over the top...and around the time I was wishing I was just waking up, this is what was in my oven:

Good morning, delicious!

I knew we'd need something to fuel us for a day of yard work.
Not the maintenance/upkeep type of yard work, like yard-WORK-yard-work...which we haven't really done since we finished the patio in the spring, and I was totally NOT looking forward to it.
We had a little retaining wall-ish thing to build in the corner of the yard where it slopes by our irrigation filter. And then mounds of dirt to flatten out and rake, and gravel to spread.
Of course I didn't take a before picture, and I can't find anything in the archives to compare it to, but here's the during:

and the after:

One small project to get accomplished before it gets cold and snow comes, accomplished!
Next spring we'll straighten out that grass line and I plan on a garden of dahlias in that there bed of dirt.

[It's amazing what a difference two weeks will make. I was breaking a little sweat helping with this project the other weekend...and this weekend we have that white stuff on the ground.]

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