Saturday, May 1, 2010

May 1st

seriously, it's already the first of May!?
Oh wait, I know...We've been working in the yard every weekend for the past 10 weekends. Except for the one a couple weeks ago when we went to Seattle to pick up some pavers (for the back yard - so I still consider it "work"), and meet P-Dub

(which really deserves a whole post of its own)

and then to Mt Vernon to snap a few-seven-hundred-or-so photos of tulips

(which also needs a separate image-only post of its own)

So with all of our business I must admit that the poor inside of the house has been neglected and finding time to clean has not been top priority. Ok, it's not that bad...I've been keeping up here and there, but some things are seriously starting to pile up around here. I read this article, Finding Time, in my Sunset magazine the other day, and I'm using it as my excuse for not having everything spick n' span. I feel like posting it on the fridge! I've been trying to find a little more me time lately, focusing on things that truly make me happy and feed my soul. The other night we headed down to the carnival (Funtastic is in town for the Appleblossom Festival) with our cameras & tripods to take some long exposure shots of the rides, and it was waaay more fun than doing the dishes (they just had to wait 'till morning).

This weekend is Appleblossom, and we still have work that will get done, but we are going to take it a little more easy. We told ourselves that we deserve a little rest after all of our weekends of hard work. All of it paid off on Tuesday when the man from VitaGreen showed up and gave us a lawn.

We can't walk on the grass (well, the almost grass), and we don't have anything major that we have to get done this weekend...just lots of little projects. Lots and lots and lots of little projects, that we'll have plenty of time to get done while the grass grows in for the next several weeks.

So for this weekend: Cory got talked into running the 5K this morning when we were at a bar with some friends last night. So after that, we plan on visiting some nurseries to scope out some plants, plant my veggie garden, hopefully finish the patio we started last weekend, do some festival stuff...and not clean the house :)

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Julie said...

yay grass!!
And so jealous you got to meet Ree!