Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter!

Well the weather cooperated with us today and we got the front yard tilled x2 (back & forth in two directions). We couldn't believe how many roots we are still pulling out from the gigantic tree that was cut down a while back. We had just a couple time-outs to chain up the big ones.

There was one casualty...Cory stepped on one of my daffodils while maneuvering the beast of a rototiller and getting it turned around. Doh!

He quickly whipped out his pocket knife and plunked them in a plastic bottle from the recycling bin and filled it with water. Good save!

We did our Easter egg thing after dinner tonight. Tomorrow morning we head to church, then home to tackle the back yard, that is- hoping we are still able to move tomorrow. My back and legs are dead from being bent over all day picking up rocks & roots, and Cory's arms are felling jello-ish. One thing is for certain...we will be enjoying some ham at the end of the day!

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tnt521 said...

Happy Easter you two...hope you get a little bit of a rest in the middle of all your work...and of course a nibble or two of some chocolate!

tammy t