Thursday, March 11, 2010


not much motivation for blogging lately, here is how we've spent our past 2 weekends...

Cleaned out the shed, to clear a pathway to the stump of a tree that needed to be dug out when the excavator comes

A tree grew straight up the side of the garage, and fell in a windstorm a few years back, with the roots all uprooted on the inside and was never really taken care of. The roots started to sprout, you can see the dead shrubbery behind The Monte (the other day a neighbor asked if that car came with the house, I told her it came with my husband).
See the tree back there peeking through the jungle?

(photo circa 7/2007)

We took all the scrap metal from the shed up to Burts metal recycling in Cashmere. So much fun to chuck stuff off the tailgate, and thankful that we didn't have to worry about scratching up a brand spankin new pickup! :)

Prepped the "drain box for the source." Those are the exact words Cory just told me when I asked him what that "valve thing under the green round thing" is called - it's for the source.

mapped out our irrigation plans...

There is that stump.
Cory loooved playing with the marking paint, while he played with it, I took the opportunity to photograph our quail habitat

a quarter of a mile of 1" PVC ready to go in the ground

Cory brought the excavator home Friday afternoon and the boys got right to work, (I busted out my tripod again)

Saturday morning we enjoyed Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls for breakfast before going out to play in the dirt.

When our trenches were dug, we laid & glued lots'a pipe (a constant, 5 zones, and a drip line)

Then we hooked a hose from the house to the filter to test things out since we have to wait another four weeks or so before the irrigation/ditch water is turned on

Still lots of work to be done before any little seedlings will make their appearance around this place. We are doing a little rain dance hoping to get things settled in a bit.

This weekend you can find us out playing in the dirt, at Lowes, or the home & garden show.

::edited:: weeks ago we had all the proper people come out and check everything out to make sure that we were okay to be digging around. Our system isn't new development, we are expanding on an already existing irrigation line that is fed by the irrigation district (not city water) that previously ran through the yard.


Sally said...

It's embarasing to see "poor Monty" but you do know what they say. "Dust is a protective covering"......Ugh... MOM :)

tnt521 said...

Love that shot of the excavator in the dusk light! So very cool. You guys are so motivated it makes me tired!

tammy t