Saturday, February 27, 2010

a couple non-related items for your Saturday morning

The ballet class I've been attending weekly since September started with 3 ladies, was down to 2, and is now up to 5, and we are working on a piece for the annual performance in May.
I saw this image today, and I'm thinking about digging out my pointe shoes for class next week.

It poured. down. rain. yesterday.
All. day. long.
Not the drizzly type of rain. The really big wet drops of downpour rain. All day. It didn't let up.
Our front yard looked rather swampy when I got home, so I pulled out my tripod and tried a few things...

Didn't really turn out exactly how I was wanting, the camera wouldn't want to focus in such low light with a ten second exposure, so I had to turn the porch light on, which looks like a flash (I'm not a fan of flash!), and took the effect out of the picture, but I tried. And trying to take better photographs is something I want to work on, so I was happy I busted that tripod out at least. Oh, and a car drove down the street during those ten seconds, so I thought that was neat.

Of course, today the mountains are full of snow. Even the low hills around here are capped white. What a better day for a snowmobile ride, right? Oh wait, I have to work...but Cory is going. Lucky duck. He felt bad that I wouldn't be able to go and asked permission, and I said go! It's not like we can really get much work done in the mud-bogged yard today anyway. Excavator comes next weekend and there's some stuff I still want to get picked up and moved before everything gets leveled. He can take care of that this week.

We had salmon with asparagus and au gratin potatoes last night, and it was really really good.
I'm going to make my merlot pot roast again tonight, we tried it back in January and oh my goodness!! I modified a couple of things in the recipe, but the main idea is to load the pot up with mushrooms, and you can't really go wrong with a bottle of wine as cooking liquid. Should be good after a day of snowmobiling, right?

Gotta get ready for work, have a wonderful weekend!

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