Sunday, August 23, 2009

Gone Fishin'

Cory left at 5 yesterday am with his dad & brother for Cordova Alaska, a little fishing town on the east side of Prince William Sound...near the mouth of the Copper River. I hope be brings home lots of salmon when he returns Thursday night!

So I've got the place to myself for the next few days...
Yesterday I went treasure hunting (more about that tomorrow, maybe). Today I spent the day cleaning & doing laundry, jammin' with Sally (we made raspberry jam), then dinner at Applebees. I also made zucchini bread with part of our one giant zucchini, and broke out my little sewing machine for a project that I will share later.

Here's one of Cory's 3 fish of the day:

Seeing that rain gear reminds me...the weather forecast says it's supposed to be about 55° and rainy up there all week.

Bedtime for me, tomorrow is the start of another week and I'm still sleepy from an early morning yesterday.

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Anonymous said...

You may have to share....I understand that Cory is the only one to catch any fish...oh but there is still time for the others....swim up those rivers fish...go go go....