Thursday, June 11, 2009

poor, neglected blog.

ok, so I got through some of the pics that I said I would share from our trip the other weekend...but we've also been real busy with other stuff (what else is new?). There are a few silly stories that go along with some of the pictures that seemed like fun to blog at the time, but now it just seems to be getting a little late for that...maybe I'll just get them uploaded to Picasa one of these days.

Here's a look at our back yard last weekend.

Brandon sacrificed a Sunday out on the boat for helping us remove 10 or 11 stumps, move some dirt & BIG rocks.
Oh, and we also got the gutters up! (only in the back so far though).

Check out what I was working on earlier tonight.

We are hitting all the burger joints between Leavenworth & Chelan (about a dozen or so) this summer in search of the BEST place. Partially so that I can prove that Rusty's really IS the best, and also to give us an excuse to try out the places we haven't been. And, cause it sounds fun! The rule is that we have to stick with the same/similar burgers, so we can compare "apples to apples." The fries are gong to be a factor in this as well. We'll each fill out a "scorecard" and it will go in a minibook, so fun!

Ok, one last thing...I talked Cory into taking a little excursion up to Bellingham on Saturday! There are a few things at Treasury I think I just can't live without. Also, Annie & Brian - I know you're trying to move and we'll see you in Winthrop next weekend...but one last visit to your little house too! Oh, and the Bakerview Nursery stocks some kind of ant killer that we need to get, and Cory wants to make a stop at Hardware Sales, and Green House is always fun to check out. Not quite sure on the timing, but probably sometime around 3:00 for you ToM girls :)


Jim, Amber & Landon said...

You guys are too funny with your burger scorecard!! I am so glad that you had a great anni/b-day trip. Can't wait to see the pics!! The backyard is looking good. We can't wait to see you guys next weekend! Love from the Trio

alissa said...

oh my gosh! why didn't i see this yesterday morning? ARGH!!!!!

sorry i missed you, lady. i'm really sorry... :(