Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Spokane weekend.

Friday, I went to a Pampered Chef party hosted by one of the bank gals, then Annie & Brian arrived from Bellingham to stay with us.
Saturday, we all drove to Spokane to meet baby Landon. Remember Amber & Jim's baby shower...he was born October 1st, and is such a sweetie!
The girls left baby at home for some male bonding time, so that mama was able to get out of the house for a little while. We went shopping :)
Later that night, we went to a Chiefs hockey game with Cory's friends + our people + baby.

...his first sporting event...and it was a really good game.
Cory and I stayed with his friend Tyler who had just returned on Monday from another deployment with the air force...he's a pilot, and flies a big plane ;)
The next morning we had some delicious breakfast, then headed over to Cory's friend, Brandon & Lisa's new house...they are making some improvements too, but it started in better shape than ours.
Then, we picked up our dining room chairs, and went to visit with Landon again.
We were all passing him around, and he started to get fussy...time to eat. He was in Cory's lap, so he got the bottle.

Cory did a good job. He got Landon nice and relaxed, and he poo'd...big time! That's why he was so fussy!
Of course we didn't jump right up to change him...
Poor Cory. I won't explain details, but after playing pass-the-baby earlier, and a shifting little diaper... he was a good sport.
After getting cleaned up, we went to dinner, and then the 4 of us hit the road.

What a weekend! It went super quick, and was jam-packed with friends!

Oh, and one more thing.
Since there were 4 of us driving 3 hours each way, we took Cory's parent's old Yukon...a little more comfortable than any of our cars. When he went to swap vehicles yesterday, he discovered a mystery owie that wasn't there when we left it.

We're waiting to hear from our insurance company about the claim, and the body shop says its expensive :(

In honor of all the men & women who have served our country, I have the day off today, and hope to make it a productive one.

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