Wednesday, October 22, 2008

yakima welcomes me

** I started this post a week ago when I was actually in Yakima...
now I'm back and finally getting around to posting it...

I (well we, because Cory got up to make my coffee and didn't go back to bed) got up early Monday morning so that I could hit the road for my two & a half hour journey to Yakima. I arrived just before class started at 8:30 for 4 fun days of training.

It was dark when I left, and then it started to sprinkle so the road was slick, and as I was going like 62 mph up Blewett Pass, I got passed by a double trailer tanker semi. He was probably empty, but he shouldn't have been going that fast...made me so angry! Not only was it unsafe given the conditions, since I was going the speed limit and everything...but what about Bambi?

This is what I got to thinking about as I clenched my wheel with my eyes wide open, on the lookout for any moving critter on the side of the road. I am terrified of hitting a deer, and that's what makes me so uncomfortable to drive in the dark in areas where I know there are deer.
Poor deer victims, with families, just trying to avoid those hunters...come across this hard pavement stuff, see two bright lights speeding toward them, and bam!
I've been the car behind the one that hit a deer on two different occasions, and I think those images are forever ingrained in my memory. When I see them laying on the side of the road, my heart drops, and my stomach turns in knots, and I get a huge lump in my throat.

Soon it was twilight, and I passed Mr. Trucker further up the pass, in a passing zone. He didn't want to let me by though, errr!...I showed him! and he fell way behind on the way down the other side.
I was enjoying my coffee and the golden-yellow leaves on the trees along the highway...and I looked at the clock and realized I still had another hour & a half to go.

The rest of the drive went pretty quick; saw 3 poor relatives of Bambi, and 2 {what looked like} coyotes in different places {they seemed pretty big to be coyotes, but I'm telling myself they were coyotes because they weren't some farmers' four-legged-friends}.

I arrived at the bank about 12 minutes early. I can't believe how well we estimated my leaving time not knowing how long it would take me to drive there {thanks mapqwest!}

During lunch, I grabbed a quick bite to eat, then checked out this sweet little antique store.

My photo isn't the greatest {I had to be quick so I could get back to the bank!}, but there were tons of neat looking antique stores around that I would have just loved to check out if I had the time. I'll just have to go back :)

After class, I went to check into my hotel, and Cory arrived shortly after. He had left work a little early and then drove down to keep me company for a few days :) We had dinner at the Olive Garden, watched Dancing With the Stars, then passed out since we were up so early that morning.

The rest of the week consisted of work {er, "class"}, furniture buying {2 extra chairs for our dining room}, lunch one day at Miners...had the largest burger I've ever seen! {and of course, I didn't bring my camera for a picture, ugh!}, driving around & exploring Yakima, shopping, and more exploring. Cory left wednesday afternoon to go back to work...he can't just take the whole week off to hang out with me when I'm not in class :)

As we were exploring, I saw this store...Fiddlesticks. It was one of those home-dec stores filled with all kinds of goodies that husbands love to hang out in. I decided I would go there on my lunch break by myself after Cory had headed home.
I went.
Good thing he wasn't there to stop me from buying these 3 lovely apples for my growing collection.

I couldn't resist. I kind of splurged on the big one. I loved the leaf, plus I figured I deserved it after all that fun training I had sat through :)

Before heading home on Thursday, I had to check out Bella Scrapbooking, which was recommended to me by a fellow classmate. Very sweet little place...made me miss Treasury, a lot.

Friday, was back to work at the bank.
Saturday, we went to see the ballet Sleeping Beauty with Cory's parent's, put on my the Moscow Ballet touring from Russia...and it was wonderful.
We also had a visitor for the second weekend, and when we got home from the ballet, we went out with him.

Love love love these 2 guys!

Today, I've got the day off, since I'll be working on Saturday again. My list of things to-do is forever long, so it'll be another busy day...and we're carving punkins tonight!

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