Monday, August 4, 2008


I've been away for a while.
No blog posts is a sign of me being busy busy busy!
I've been working, and we've gone out and played on the boat quite a bit, worked on the house, done some more driving, spent time with friends, and we're also taking a photography class. I'll {hopefully} update with happenings & some photos from the past few weeks soon.
Here's a little teaser from a little day-trip we took the other weekend to the Potholes:

to visit my {little} brother.

I love that kid, nice *bling* jb!

So this photography class...we were talking about lenses tonight, and this lensbaby came up. It's this "lens" for your camera that gives you a really cool depth of field/blur, and sort-of distorted look...totally the look that I'm often trying to get, but just can't get a low enough f/stop with my current lens. Anyway...I was super interested in what I had heard about it. After class, I ran home and did my research on our camera equipment website, b&h photo, and a few minutes later I had one of those "babies" in the shopping cart!
By the way, I'm super excited about my purchase!
Just had to share :)

Ok, I hope for a longer update in the next couple of days...maybe.

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Alissa said...

hey. there you are! i really want to know what lens you got but you link just goes to the B&H home page. :)