Tuesday, June 3, 2008

just checking in...

yes, I'm alive! Things have just been a bit busy the past few weeks.
I have HUNDREDS of wedding pictures {probably more like thousands by the time we get ALL of them collected} to sort through...and then maybe I'll post an album or something {I know I never got around to doing anything with the tulip ones :( sorry}

Yesterday was my birthday, and we assembled our BBQ and grilled up some steaks and had dinner out on the patio. The table & chairs need some refinishing work, but I was excited to use them anyway...aren't they the cutest?!


Anonymous said...

hey you!
Look at you sitting there like a married woman. :) Can't wait to see pictures from you...and happy happy birthday yesterday!

Elizabeth, Jackson and Thomas said...

Happy Birthday!

So great to see you on were a GORGEOUS bride! Thanks for letting us share your special day with you!

Now that this wedding business is all's time for you to come back to Bellingham. :)


P.S. I love the lil' table set too!

Tamara said...

i think YOU'RE the cutest! congrats, friend, on your marriage... now you can consider yourself an "old married woman!" :) we miss you (how ever will i make my tuesday cards without your input?) but we know you've got a great life over there on the other side of the mountains! (and happy belated birthday).

tnt521 said...

Happy (belated) Birthday lady! We miss you already, but we had an amazing time at your lovely wedding. I luv you even more after being around your friends and family! Hope you are getting used to being a "Mrs.!"


SadieMBeagle said...

Awww...cute pic :) I hope you had a camera tripod on your registry!

Sara B said...

Thanks for the update Lady! Miss you lots.