Thursday, April 10, 2008

scatter brain

this week has been pretty crazy. I feel like there has been a million +1 things to do, and I only have time for half of it.

I was driving home today...almost home when I remembered "oh yeah, a girl's gotta eat {and have milk for coffee in the morning!}" I had to stop at the grocery store. I knew I had to stop at the grocery store for a few items. I had made my little list for the grocery store this morning. It was sitting in my passenger seat so that when I got in the car I would see it and remember I needed to make a stop. But even with that little list staring me in the face, I had totally forgot until I was almost home. So I just stopped at the closest one, and of course everything I needed wasn't on sale. Ugh! I hate paying full price for stuff like cereal. I always know where my favorite kinds are on sale, and this place wasn't one of I skipped the cereal, I can get some later. Sugar. I needed sugar. Not the big however-many-pound bag they use in bakeries, and not the little box that won't last very long...just the regular little bag. They were out. Out of C&H and the store brand. NO sugar! I can get some sugar later too I guess. Milk. They did have milk. But only milk dated for April 11 {tomorrow}...they had it on sale for $0.99/gallon. I know its good past the "sell by" date {it's not like it says "drink by"}...and I figure at that price for a gallon, its cheaper than a half gallon even if I end up throwing it out. Anyway, I got the milk. And I had some with dinner, and its fine. But this little shopping trip will teach me to not forget to stop at the grocery store, even with my little list staring me in the face from the seat next to me!

When I got home, I had a few bananas to use up that had seen better I made banana bread. My brain was able to manage to read the recipe and measure everything out correctly. You know, measuring teaspoons not tablespoons, and a 1/2 cup not 1/4 cup {they're just numbers...} When I was taking the loaf out of the oven...I brushed my knuckle on the top element of the oven. Ouch! :( I did, however, use fresh walnuts...yum! Banana bread tomorrow morning will be better than that cereal I didn't buy anyway.

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