Sunday, October 28, 2007

GOOD weekend

This weekend was sooo GOOD!

First of all, I saw a dachshund and a great dane in the parking lot of Michael's/Petco, they were buddies! If I could have any dog in the world, those two are at the top of my list {along with weimaraners!} That alone was the highlight of my day. Then we went to Michael's, and I got a nice compliment on my ring. Made me feel GOOD! :) Then we went to Costco, and they had a super-GOOD spread of food for grazing. Cory got his phone fixed, and we made it to church {a little late!} for the evening service {instead of having to either get up early for the 9:00 or waste half the day away going to the 11:00}. Cory also got to go to this hardware store that he's been wanting to go to for so long...this place was like the "Bob Feil Hardware Store" of hardware stores! It was HUGE and they had tons of stuff in every nook & cranny of that place.

That night I made "mmmeat blanket" {think: ground beef gravy on mashed potatoes}, and my favorite red cabbage & vinegar with bacon for dinner {along with oven-roasted beets from the Bellingham Farmer's Market as a backup not knowing if Cory would like my cabbage - but he did!} For how easy and not-very-good- for-you that meat blanket is, I must say it's pretty GOOD.

Other things that added to the GOOD-ness of the weekend was dinner with Grandma & Grandpa {Cory didn't make it in time from Seattle} on Friday at the Olive Garden...always so GOOD! Got my ring *blinged* for free at Ben Bridge {too bad it was the day after I got the compliment from that girl at Michael's, otherwise she really would have been impressed!} Also, no rain during our walk today down at Boulevard. It seems to always rain when we go down there. Today was a bit chilly, but GOOD.

Another really GOOD thing is this stuff that was in a bag of goodies sent with Cory for the weekend. Its like sweet-candy chex GOOD! {thanks Sally!}

Oh, and my Shutterfly calendar came this weekend too! It looks really GOOD, the quality is excellent, and it was so much fun to put together. And also, Annie got her wedding dress today, yay!

I hope everyone else had a GOOD weekend as well! :)

Another GOOD thing, Boston just won the World Series!

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