Sunday, September 16, 2007

numbers numbers...

{I know its been a long time again...but here's a little update}

431, 475, 495 ~ those are the 3 classes I have left until I finish school!!

7 ~ thats how many days I have until going back to school
{I've missed Bellingham}

5.31.08 ~ the date has been officially set! :)

258 ~ number of days to go!

1,971 / 6 ~ thats how many pictures we took on our 6-day adventure to Yellowstone National Park

6 ~ thats how many months behind I was of receipts & reconciliation...I sat down with the computer and got it all done the other day, I feel so relieved {I didn't count the number of pieces of paper!}

44 ~ how many categories of vendors at the Seattle Wedding Expo I'm going to today {maybe I'll find a dress...wouldn't that be nice!}

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