Monday, August 13, 2007

It's Been A While

I know it has probably been way too long since my last post, I've been staying at my Grandparent's house and its amazing how fast the days go by {I can't believe its just about the middle of August!} Anyway, a few random note-worthy things regarding my summer....

"The 206" & wedding stuff has been consuming almost all of my thoughts. We went to Ikea this past weekend and bought our first piece of furniture...a 3-drawer dresser, and got lots of good ideas for the 206 {and a long wish-list of things we want!}

Today is the two year anniversary for my cousin Chris & Leanne...and two years since Cory & I drunkenly started dancing with each other and my Mom suggested that we go down to the dock to watch the meteor shower {...and the rest is history}. I gave Cory a little gift this weekend, for the 'anniversary' occasion. Of course I had to take a picture of the packaging I made...pretty cute little lady on the inside too ;)

I won free goodies from Fiskars! They have these crafty episodes every 2 weeks, and you can enter your email for a chance to win free stuff used in the episode...not knowing what my odds are, I always enter {just incase}, and last week I got an email informing me that I had won! I sent them a mailing address, and my stuff showed up today...woohoo!!

Antique stores make me happy! :) do blueberry pancakes and peach cobbler!

There was an article written in the Best of 2007 issue of the Seattle Weekly about Wiley's...pretty awesome. There is also another article about Wenatchee making the September issue of National Geographic as one of the "50 Best Places to Live + Play"

I got a new wakeboard...super cute! I've only used it twice...but I love it!

Cory and I are planning a trip to Yellowstone with Annie & Brian after Labor Day...we are getting super excited!

I hate cutting onions, my hands smell for days! The other day I made chicken-noodle soup {because it was cold and the weather was calling for it}. I cut an onion...and four days later my hands still smelled like I had cut the dang thing an hour ago! I wash my hands thoroughly with soap & water immediately after...I've tried those stainless steel bars for removing odors {they work alright, but I don't have one at Grandma's}, I try lotion thinking it will 'absorb' or 'saturate' the smell out...nothing seems to work. Does anyone have any suggestions? or just deal with onion fingers?

A few days ago, I also made my Mama's famous pea salad. I picked the peas from Grandma's garden, and shucked them all myself...such a long, painful process...but so worth it! The salad turned out good, but nothing ever compares to the way Mom makes it.

I got a new blankey {since it's so cold outside}, it also makes me happy!

We went out on Saturday night to celebrate Jesy's birthday...just thought I'd share a photo of my brother & I {I love that kid!}

I really like the brand "Scrapbook" clothing. I can't find the website, because when you search for it, everything that comes up is related to 'scrapbooking'...this is just a cute line that I've seen at Nordstrom & Zumiez.

One last adorable!


Anonymous said...

Your comment about onions....when I go to Leavenworth I will get you some pepermint soaps that are suppost to work really good with onion smell. They do work! Sally

Anonymous said...

ok, so I am not anonymous but I don't know how to work this thing!

SadieMBeagle said... have pictures of the day you met!!! That's so sweet. And I love that I know where you were in that picture :)

Anonymous said...

Leave this up! Rub your hands with a S.S. Spoon, Stainless Steel leaves no odor,...who likes Peppermint smelling hands?

Michelle said...

I have stainless steel...peppermint soap works better