Wednesday, May 30, 2007

...and still more BIRDS!

Here is a website all about birds that we came across. It has some interesting basic info about Robins. We learned that "chicks fledge in 13 days" and we don't know exactly when they were hatched to know how old they are...but we do know that the time is coming soon. Today, actually! Luckily, Cory had gone out early in the day to get the pictures...but when Sally went out to check on them, there were only 2 left...and then none.

Wednesday, May 30 {day 11 or 12...maybe 13?}
Check out how much color they are already getting on their chests!

On another note...
After watching the news this evening, there were a few video clips that I had to look up the links for so I could share...

Talking to the Apes - I think this is pretty cool, I think animals are smarter creatures than we realize {you have to wait for the 30 second commercial at the beginning}

Microsoft Surface Coffee Table - looks neat!...they need to make those for homes. {I think I might know a certain technology/electronics person who would LOVE to have it in their living room...and I think I would approve ;) } The price doesn't seem that high considering how expensive desktop computers used to be, and it'll come down.

The Weimie in this ad reminds me of Lilly when they do the head shot of the face {click on the "FETCH" video} ...I love doggies, so cute! :)

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